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Hiking - Pat Sin Leng PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christ'l Truebenbach   

Hiking - Pat Sin Leng

11 km – 4,25 hours - Level of difficulty: very difficult
Ascent: 756 m - Descent: 802 m - Highest Point: 620 m

Pat Sin Leng, the mountains of the Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology, are in the northeast New Territories. There are eight peaks along the mountain range, each named after a different Immortal.

Pat Sin Leng with its frequent ascents and descents, ranks first among Hong Kong's mountains by level of difficulty. There are not many places in the world where one can experience such contrasts of wild beauty and urban development.


Hiking - Pat Sin Leng 1


Starting Point

Hok Tau Road, Hok Tau Wai

•    Gold Coast Bus to Tsuen Wan MTR Station
•    MTR to Fanling
•    Green Mini Bus No. 52B to Hok Tau Wai

You can park your car along Hok Tau Road.

 Hiking - Pat Sin Leng 2

Hiking - Pat Sin Leng 3


Start at Hok Tau Road and walk for about 2 km to the reservoir. Hok Tau Reservoir is one of Hong Kong's smallest water storages with the imposing Pat Sin Leng mountain range rising steeply behind it.

Turn left and join Wilson Trail Stage 9. The ascent to Ping Fung Shan is about 500 metres and steep. Yes, climbing up to the top is strenuous, but the views on fine days over Tolo Harbour and the mountains to the south as well as those across the country park and into China to the north are spectacular and truly worth the effort.

Continue until you reach the main peak of the range, Wong Leng (639 m). Only now you are going to meet the Pat Sin Leng Ridge with more ups and downs to come partly with a lot flight of steps. Shun Yeung Fung  (591 m) is the highest crest of the range.

Past the last mountain the trail finally descends. At the junction to Wilson Trail Stage 10 turn right and follow the sign to Tai Mei Tuk.

Having arrived at Bride’s Pool Rd. turn right into Ting Kok Rd. and walk along the street until you reach the village.

Hiking - Pat Sin Leng 4
Hiking - Pat Sin Leng 5

Tai Mei Tuk translated means “at the very end”. It is a favorite Chinese weekend destination for cycling. Refresh yourself in one of the nice restaurants of the small village before heading home.

Finishing Point
Tai Mei Tuk

•    KMB Bus No. 75K or Green Mini Bus No. 20C to Tai Po
•    KMB Bus No. 73X to Tai Wo Hau Station
•    KMB Bus No. 61M home
•    take a taxi back to your car

Hiking - Pat Sin Leng 6

Bring a fully charged mobile phone, shirt to change in to after the hike, plenty of water, a small towel, waterproof sun block, mosquito repellent, and a hat. 

About Christ’l Truebenbach  

Christ'l is originally from Northern Germany and her Bavarian husband - from the beautiful German Alps in the South of the country - taught Christ'l to love hiking in the mountains. Twenty years ago his job brought them to Hong Kong where they continued hiking together.

christ'l truebenbach

Christ’l Truebenbach

Christ'l always wanted to write a guide to hiking over the wonderful trails in Hong Kong. Over the years she has recorded distances, times, gradients, elevation profiles and information about public transportation. She constantly updates this information with the opening of the new MTR routes and the arrival of new hiking equipment such as Garmin Tools. Then with the launch of the new iPhone she realized it was no longer necessary to hike with a guidebook in her rucksack because everything could be stored on a mobile phone as an App.

Her app introduces the most common hikes on Hong Kong, country trails on Lantau Island, in the New Territories and on the Outlying Islands. For each hike you can find route locations, route maps and elevation profiles, and it allows you to search for different grades as well as for different regions.

You can download Christ'l's app here 

The Hiking in HK App describes every route, including its length, hiking time, level of difficulty and gives the emergency hot-lines of every country park. Detailed information of public transport from and to Central is given for every hike. A helpful detail - you do not need to be on-line during a hike! (But you can when using the Locate Me button to see where you are). 

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